Coffee and water tracker.

iPhone 13 and Apple Watch showing Caffeine++ with a weekly chart


Caffeine++ 2.0 is the most advance and elegant caffeine tracker available for the iPhone and Apple Watch. We are exciting to bring it to you soon.

Please limit your caffeine intake to 200 mg if you are pregnant.

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Older Versions

Download Caffeine++ Classic for free from the App Store.

Privacy Policy

Caffeine++ requires Apple Health access for storing data and displaying daily summary.

Caffeine++ doesn’t require any personal user details to be entered anywhere in the app.

Caffeine++ and its creators can not be held responsible for any incorrect user data entered in the app.

Any user generated data that is entered from Caffeine++ is only stored on a users iPhone and, optionally, on Apple servers.

We may store your email address for some time if you send support email to us within the app.

Last Updated: June 24, 2018