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Two LinkEdit windows showing open text files
LinkEdit is a minimalist personal knowledge manager (PKM). Point to any folder on your Mac and manage your markdown notes. Create auto-updating links between your files which can go in both directions.

Native App

Features you can expect from any great Mac app, thanks to SwiftUI and AppKit.


LinkEdit Markdown parser uses SwiftUI.

Editor window with preview on a right showing markdown features


Build connections between your notes.

  1. Auto-updating links only can work when you rename your files within the LinkEdit.
  2. You can move your files anytime as long as your file names are unique.
  3. If your file name is not unique, LinkEdit will use full path to your note and will keep it up-to-date whenever possible. This means you can move the file and rename it, link path will update automatically. However you have to do it within LinkEdit.
  4. Links and backlinks metadata stored as JSON files in the meta folder
  5. Deleting linked file will remove link from metadata
  6. You can only link to a files within your root folder.

At this moment LinkEdit backlinks requires your root folder to have a unique name. Navigate to the meta folder and delete a folder when necessary to prevent metadata mixing between 2 separate root folders AKA “vaults”.



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Last Updated: August 20, 2022