A significant update to LinkEdit with changes how metdata is managed. Metadata stores connections you make between your notes in a single JSON file.


  • Metadata is moved to every project Default Folder, inside the .linkedit hidden directory to help with syncing
  • New toolbar icons with better arrangement
  • Toolbar now hides unavailable actions
  • Improved Default Folder switching experience
  • Delete button is now always enabled in the main menu
  • Default Folder is now always expanded by default
  • Smaller default font sizes
  • LinkEdit now persists note selection even when you change a selected folder
  • Clicking on a linked note will now open it in a new window, with sidebars hidden
  • In addition to Quick Link Command+K, now you can link by typing linkedit://open followed by a note name [Pro]
  • Metadata will update itself if there’s a new link found in a note [Pro]


  • Fixed “File → New Note” command. It now always adds new file to a selected folder
  • Fixed the linkedit://open URL scheme when opening LinkEdit notes from external applications
  • Notes sorting no longer depends on capitalisation which matches Finder behaviour
  • Fixed issue with Quick Open incorrect state restoration
  • Preventing metadata mutation if deleting or renaming notes fails
  • More robust links and backlinks auto-updating during note renaming
  • Fixed Links Inspector text alignment
  • Fixed the notes sidebar showing old folder name when renaming a selected folder
  • Fixed the editor problems after renaming a folder with selected note
  • Fixed the metadata loss issue which happened when you have 2 notes with the same name and one of them linked. Then if you delete the other note you would lose a backlink from the first note
  • Reduced Metadata file size by 50%