In addition to the changes listed below, this update fixes menu commands and corresponding keyboard shortcuts stopping to respond when running LinkEdit in multiple windows.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a workaround for the same issue occurring when switching between window tabs. To ensure menu commands always work correctly, we have disabled tabs. At least until we find a better solution.

• Text Editing — Improved text editor performance.
• Text Editing — Fixed issue with updating LinkEdit state when a selected note gets deleted in Finder, this could lead to unwanted file recreation.
• Sidebars — Fixed sidebar selection animation for macOS Sonoma.
• Sidebars — Fixed interface issue when displaying folder names with “.” character.
• Default Folder — Fixed issue with LinkEdit not updating its state after changing Default Folder.
• Default Folder — Fixed issue with the text editor cache not clearing when changing the Default Folder.
• Interface — Renamed “Editor Only” mode to “Focus this Editor”, and changed shortcut from Command+5 to Command+Return.