Our Apple Watch password manager — Pero is ready for sale ($4.99).

We started with the smallest canvas. The project was inspired by revolutionary changes in watchOS 10. Pero works great on small screens while being powerful and capable. We would like to highlight a single feature — groups. AKA, tags. 🏷️


We love groups, they allow you to do 3 cool things.

  • Organise your passwords by context, e.g. “home”, “work”
  • Assigning multiple groups to a single password
  • Delete these groups without deleting passwords

The best thing about how groups work in Pero is that the Apple Watch interface hides some of the complexity and presents your data as classic single-layer folder-based navigation. This makes managing groups on Apple Watch easier than traditional groups and folders interfaces.

I would like to thank my friends and family who were a big factor in shipping this 1.0. ❤️

It’s been a thrilling and productive developer story.